Tampa Non-Rev Passenger Get Two Years For Midair Brawl On Delta’s Seattle – Beijing Flight

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Delta Air Lines passenger who was flying on a dependent pass (his mother was working for the airline at the time) was sentenced two years in prison for causing serious havoc on Seattle – Beijing flight last year.

Delta SEA-PEK MEss

Mr. Hudek had eaten marijuana candies just before the flight to help him sleep but those had caused him to cause all the trouble instead according to the defense.

Below is an excerpt from the Seattle Times (access their piece here):

A Florida man who went berserk last July on a Seattle-to-Beijing flight, beating passengers and crew members with a wine bottle before being subdued, was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison.

But on July 6, 2017, Hudek wanted to sleep on the overseas flight and ingested at least three, and maybe more, 10-gram marijuana candies before boarding the airliner, said Flennaugh. Hudek suffered delusions, hallucinations and “marijuana-induced psychosis,” he said.

Prosecutors said Hudek tried to open an exit door while the flight was over the Pacific Ocean, managing to move the lever about halfway up.


I guess that the moral of the story is not to rely on “marijuana candies” to help one sleep during the flight when there are other medications available as well. Just sad that his mother may have lost her job due to his behavior on the flight.

BTW I never use any sleep medication despite all the time zone differences and just accept the fact that sometimes you sleep rhythm maybe bit off for couple of days.

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