Brussels Airlines Potential Pilot Strike June 2018

Brussels Airlines pilots had a strike for two days last week that ended up grounding 75% of the airlines’ flights.

Brussels Airlines

Pilots are now threatening the airline with two more additional strike days in June (actual dates unclear at this time) due to breakdown in negotiations with the management.

You can access Brussels Airlines website here.

Pilots are protesting changes in working conditions, number of hours worked and retirement package.


Just wanted to give heads up to our readers that may have flights coming on up Brussels Airlines in June to monitor the situation around the airline. Brussels Airlines is not huge (part of Lufthansa airlines nowadays) and rebooking shouldn’t be too big of an issue where other options exist.

Brussels Airlines operates flights to parts of Africa that are difficult to reach on other airlines (could be pretty much the only option).

The EC 261/2004 compensation due to delays and cancellations doesn’t apply in case of strikes but Duty to Care does. The airline is required to rebook affected passengers to their final destination at the earliest convenience and provide accommodation and meals in case of long delays.