How Clean Are Hotel Pools? Scandic Park In Helsinki Forced To Close Its By City’s Health Department!

Next time you are doing laps in the hotel pool, you may wonder how clean the water in the pool really is?

Scandic Park Pool

Well. The water had been so bad for multiple times the measurements were taken at the Scandic Park hotel in Helsinki (this used to be InterContinental long time ago) that the city’s health department required hotel to close it and issued a penalty.

You can access Scandic Park’s website here.

The pool’s water hadn’t met the quality requirements for extended period of time. In the most recent inspections, they had found elevated measurements of trihalomethane that is a chlorine byproduct and can cause cancer.

Here are the findings in Finnish:

Download (PDF, 86KB)


Seems that Scandic really hasn’t done what they should years ago and fix the issues with their inside pool.

Scandic Nordic Swan

Wonder how well swimming in cancer causing water is working with their “Nordic Swan Ecolabel”?

The pool water hadn’t met the requirements for better part of the 10 years and it took this long for the city to make these findings public and force its closure. Why it took this long to take action?