Frontier Airlines Passenger Urinates Onto Seat In Front Of Him During Denver-Charleston Flight


A Frontier Airlines passenger was arrested upon arrival after he was spotted urinating on a seat in front on him while en route from Denver to Charleston.

The offender was reportedly re-seated earlier after harassing two female passengers on the same flight prior to this disgusting episode.

Getting on a plane these days becomes more and more similar to visiting the zoo, in fact animals at the zoo have often better restraint than some passengers.

This was first reported by CBS Denver (access here) after a passenger on the flight contacted them with pictures and the story associated with it.

Frontier Airlines says they are aware of a recent situation aboard a flight from Denver to South Carolina in which a passenger allegedly urinated on the passenger’s seat in front of him.

According to another passenger on the flight, the man, later identified in FBI documents as Michael Allen Haag, urinated on the seat in front of hers after being kicked out of his previous seat for inappropriate behavior. …

The passenger told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas she was sitting in the same row as Haag, across the aisle, when he unbuckled his seat belt and urinated on the back of the chair.

The woman said Haag was moved to the row she was in after he allegedly verbally and physically assaulted two other women near his previous seat. She also said Haag allegedly touched one sleeping female passenger and later asked another woman about her sexual and marital life.

The passenger said she was disappointed with the way the airline handled the incident, and was discouraged when Frontier flight attendants allegedly placed the suspect next to her. She said one flight attendant warned her of his previous actions, and told her to monitor his status. It was then when the passenger photographed Haag urinating on the seat.

In a statement to CBS4’s Dillon Thomas, Frontier Airlines spokesman Richard Oliver said “The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier. We have been made aware of this situation and are working with the appropriate authorities.”

The woman said the suspect was arrested at the gate in Charleston approximately 30 minutes later. …

The passenger claimed the airline provided her an outdated complaint card, which provided disconnected phone numbers. When she called a booking agent, the woman said she was told the airline would refund her checked baggage fee and would give her a $200 voucher.

As much as gross, disgusting and revolting this incident is and the various forms of punishment this offender deserves I can’t see how the airline is at fault here. Like what could they have done differently except contacting law enforcement to meet the flight upon arrival and have the guy arrested?


Flight attendants aren’t trained to be the pee squad and get into further altercations with passengers that could pose a risk during the flight. Cabin crew has training to deal with aggressive passengers however if one is currently not going completely berserk but seems clearly disturbed deal with him upon landing.

The voucher was a courtesy from Frontier but at the end of the day I can’t see the airline at fault here. Hopefully the guy will be charged and ends up with a sex offender conviction of sorts. People like him are a case for the No Fly List (and more).

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