U.S. Department Of Transportation Fines British Airways, Air Canada, Icelandair, Vietnam Airlines & TAME


U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) this week issued five enforcement orders with penalties against five foreign airlines of British Airways, Air Canada, Icelandair, Vietnam Airlines and TAME.

British Airlines had failed to allow passengers to deboard after two long tarmac delays, Air Canada didn’t have proper handouts available for passengers in case of IDBs, Icelandair had failed to respond to customer complaints in a timely manner, and both Vietnam Airlines and TAME had marketed fares to US customers that had not been all inclusive.

Here are the enforcement orders:

British Airways $225,000:

Download (PDF, 243KB)

Air Canada $35,000:

Download (PDF, 157KB)

Icelandair $100,000:

Download (PDF, 142KB)

Vietnam Airlines $65,000:

Download (PDF, 179KB)

TAME $130,000:

Download (PDF, 177KB)


You have to keep in mind that airlines fined only need to pay half of the amount and the rest if they violate the same order within a year.

You would think that BA would be aware by now of the four hour tarmac rule that is in place in the US? It may result of the cancellation of the flight if the crew end up timing out, however.

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