Hamburg Airport Closed For Entire Sunday (June 3rd, 2018) Due To Power Outage, All Flights Cancelled!

Germany’s Hamburg Airport has closed down for the entire Sunday due a power outage that crippled it’s operations and subsequently all flights have been cancelled.

Airport authorities have informed passengers that no more flight operations would be taking place today and that they should contact their airline for flight status and rebooking of their travel plans.

Just a month after a similar incident disabled operations at Amsterdam Airport (read here) it’s now Hamburg’s turn to experience this unfortunate situation.

You can access Hamburg Airport’s website with the latest updates here.

Due to a power blackout our airport is currently closed. We are currently working on finding a solution. For information on your flight status, please contact your airline!

Update, 16:00 pm:
The airport is forced to suspend flight operations for the rest of today. It was not possible to correct the error. Hamburg Airport requires redundant power supply to ensure save flight operations. We apologize for the inconvenience to all passengers, collectors and relatives concerned. For information on rebookings etc. please contact your airline directly.

Update, 14:50 pm:
The police has closed the access roads to the terminal’s departure areas. Please do not come to the airport.

There was also a live feed of updates on the airports Twitter account.

If you depart or arrive in Hamburg today you should either check the flight status with the airline operating the flight or consult HAM departure updates here.

Airlines will likely cancel the flights altogether or land at a different airport if already en route. Passengers then have to take ground transportation to reach their final destination. The airline might organize this or in case that they don’t passengers have to get reimbursed for expenses (rental car, taxi, train) at a later point through customer relations.


Airlines do not have to pay EC261 compensation for delays or cancellations resulting from this situation but still have the ‘Duty of Care’ which includes hotels, meals and re-bookings to other connections to/from Airports that operate on schedule (including on other airlines).

Overall a very messy situation and certainly inconvenient for the passengers, especially those who are flying back into Hamburg and have their car parked there so it won’t just be as easy as flying to Hanover and taking a taxi/rental car home.