Reader Question: How To Complaint About Bad Hilton Stay? (Property Not Responsive)


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped us an email about how to deal with Hilton hotel related issues when hotel is not responsive at all.

Reader Question Hilton Complaint

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I recently had a three day stay at Hilton Munich.  Due to issues on arrival we were placed in one of there newly renovated rooms.  However, we found that the air conditioning was not working.  We raised the issue with staff but at no time did anyone get back to us or resolve the problem.  This was despite talking to staff and raising the same issue the following days.  With three adults in one room it made for an uncomfortable stay.  In addition, we had no power for an extended period the morning of our checkout and had to shower and dress in the dark.  I raised this and some other issues on checkout but the only response was “we are in the middle of renovations”.  Which I found very disrespectful as a guest.  Due to travel arrangements I didn’t have the time to take the matter further whilst at the hotel. I sent an email to the hotel and asked the manager to respond to the issues and the lack of concern by staff.  Again, nobody has bothered to respond.  Do I have any other options and should I have had a right to ask for a reduction in the cost of the room or have been compensated with HHonors points.

What are my options to get a response.

A Having been a diamond/gold  HHonors member I have never experienced such a terrible stay at a Hilton property.

There are basically four issues here:

1. Non-working AC

2. No power

3. Disrespectful front desk

4. No response from the hotel after email

The hotel probably hopes that the reader goes away knowing that most just give up. Hilton, however, has something called Guest Assistance that deals with after stay issues that the guest may have.

The reader should forward the email confirmation with a note that they would like to open a Guest Assistance file to and then list the issues in a concise way (use bullets or numbers).

Hotel has few days to reply to the file that the Guest Assistance forwards to them. If they don’t reply, the Guest Assistance is able to offer compensation on hotel’s behalf.


Hotels get fined for each file that the Guest Assistance opens on guests behalf. You would think that hotels would learn to deal with on-property issues swiftly rather than letting corporate to deal with them afterwards and pay for the privilege?

It is really unfortunate that there are hotels that don’t have very strong customer service culture especially when they are going through renovations.