British Airways Fuel Surcharge Class Action Lawsuit Update


Week ago, I wrote (access here) about British Airways class action lawsuit that had been brewing since 2006 where the airline was accused of collecting those nasty YQs without any consideration for the price of the fuel.

BA YQ Lawsuit

When I wrote the piece, I was wondering If I was part of the class too because I had been living in the US partially during the years. The above email just landed in my email inbox.

You can access the class action lawsuit website here.

The email contains the identifier that you can use to check how many Avios or cash you can expect to get out from this settlement.

BA YQ Lawsuit Look Up

You need to plug that to the website.

BA YQ Lawsuit Look Up Settlement

Seems that I only redeemed once during this period and thus only eligible for 12,500 Avios of 16.9% of the fuel surcharge back that I had paid.

I quickly went through the court document below that you can find from the website above. The are total of 168,259 members in this class and 23% of those are former meaning BA no longer have their information on file.

Former members won’t get anything unless they fill out the form on the class action website.

Members redeemeed total of 605,920 tickets over the six year period on 38,771 routes and paid total of $160M in fuel surcharges.

Members that redeemed once will get 12,500 Avios, those that redeemed 2 to 5 times will get 20,000 Avios and members who redeemed 6 times or more 35,000.

The maximum number of Avios that BA will place to the accounts of active members is 2,228,688,500 depending on how many will elect the cash instead. The payout per active member is on average 17,202 Avios.

Download (PDF, 174KB)

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Download (PDF, 481KB)

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Charging fuel surcharge on airline tickets is nothing but a scam by the airlines. Just raise the price of the tickets if you feel so. Airlines love these, however, because many collect them on award tickets and corporate discounts only apply on base fares before surcharges are added.

Glad to see BA here having to pay more than ten million to the lawyers (and must be hefty amount to theirs too) before taking account the book value of Avios they are issuing to Executive Club members yours truly included.

It was interesting to read the BA motion to support the settlement agreement where they try to “argue” that they would have won the case anyway had it gone to trial.