Fabulous Fridays: Wide Selection Of Immigration Forms At China Airlines Lounge In Taipei

Our Fabulous Friday this week is about a variety of immigration forms for a large number of countries that China Airlines offers in their Business Class Lounges at Taipei Taoyuan Airport.

I’ve had it a couple times that there weren’t any immigration forms available in flight because someone forgot them or the airline wasn’t supplied properly by their outstation.

Usually this always happens in situations where you can afford it the least and lines at the airport are already out of control so I try and always have a second form in my travel wallet for countries I frequent the most.

Surprisingly when I went to the China Airlines Lounge in Taipei this week I noticed that they have a wide array of immigration forms for countries in Asia available next to the newspaper section.

I noticed that tray previously but never paid much attention to it until this time when I looked through to see which forms they actually have and it was all from the APAC region (those destinations where China Airlines flies to at least).


This is a very thoughtful option to provide to passengers who maybe already want to use their time at the lounge to fill in the form and place it with the passport.

I replenished my Thailand, Taiwan and China stock in taking one form each for future travel and snapped a quick picture for this write up today. More airlines should offer this at their lounges but I can’t recall ever seeing it before anywhere else. Have you?