Jet2 Passenger Received Lifetime Ban From Airline After Disruptive Behavior Involving A Blowup Sex Doll


A Jet2 Passenger just received a lifetime ban from the airline after a stag party on board to which the participants also brought a blowup sex doll went out of control.

The passengers allegedly urinated on the floor, abused staff, consumed duty free liquor and fumbled with the doll in the cabin – enough for the Belfast-Ibiza flight to be diverted to Toulouse, France.

Nothing better than to have a good time in Ibiza but this party ended prematurely in Toulouse when the flight crew felt compelled to land and offload the offenders after their “disgraceful behavior” (quote from Jet2 spokesman).

The story was reported in The Belfast Telegraph (access here).

An airline has slammed the “deplorable behaviour” of a drunk passenger whose actions led to a flight travelling from Belfast to Ibiza being diverted.

The Jet2 flight, which left Belfast at around 3.30pm on Friday, was diverted to Toulouse.

A Jet2 spokesperson told the Belfast Telegraph that the passenger was travelling with a group which had been aggressive to both crew and fellow passengers on board.

The actions of the disruptive passenger have led to him being banned for life from all Jet2 flights.

The spokesperson said: “Unfortunately his behaviour was particularly unnecessary towards one of our crew and he was also aggressive and unruly in the vicinity, where other families with young children and customers were sitting.

“In consultation with the captain we had to take the unusual decision to divert the aircraft as the situation on board escalated and he was taken off the aircraft with the assistance of the police in Toulouse.

“It’s is very clear that consuming alcohol illicitly contributed to this behaviour and as part of our ‘OnBoard Together’ approach we will continue to call for action to better control the sale and consumption of tax free goods purchased at airports. ”

Phil Ward, managing director at Jet2, said: “We will not under any circumstances tolerate this type of disgraceful behaviour onboard our aircraft.  …

“We will be taking further action in support of our crew to ensure the passenger is held accountable for his actions and indeed the passenger has already received a lifetime ban from future flights. Our OnBoard Together campaign will continue to be a priority for us.”

It’s a general policy among all airlines that passengers aren’t allowed to consume any liquor on board that isn’t distributed by the cabin crew including those sold as duty free goods.

As far as the other acts of indecency onboard are concerned (urinating on the cabin floor, harassing the cabin crew and putting the sex doll to use) it goes without saying that this counts under behavior that gets you grounded quickly as well.


Diverting a flight is extremely expensive and I wouldn’t be surprised if the offending passengers will receive a fat bill for this incident. In any case passengers would probably do best not to fuel up on alcohol too much ahead of the flight to keep their behavior in check, even if the whole purpose of the trip is to go on a 3-day bender on the islands.

Such passenger behavior is characteristic for holiday flights to the Balearic Islands, especially Mallorca and Ibiza. It’s just horrible and whenever I go there I try to use flights operated by regular, mainline airlines such as Lufthansa, Iberia or British Airways.

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