SPG Delta Crossover Rewards Ends July 15 & Starpoints To Amtrak Conversions July 31, 2018


Marriott is tweaking SPG partnerships when the programs merge in early August . Seems that Marriott’s deal with United called Rewards Plus remains while SPG’s deal with Delta (Crossover Rewards) ends on July 15.

SPG Delta & Amtrak

SPG members ability to convert Starpoints to Amtrak Guest Rewards points will come to an end on July 31, 2018. Marriott appears not to have a deal in place with Amtrak at this time.

You can access SPG here.

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You can access Marriott’s web page for program merger information here.


It is still unclear what will happen with SPG’s deal with Emirates and China Southern. At least they are not ending (at least based on the information as of now) come July.

I guess that it was inevitable that partnerships with both United Airlines and Delta couldn’t both survive the program merger and the stronger one (Marriott & United) would prevail.