Fabulous Fridays: Taiwan Speedy Immigration Program At Taipei Taoyuan Airport


Our Fabulous Friday topic this week is about Taiwan’s Speedy Immigration program that allows frequent visitors (min 3 visits within the last 12 months) to use the express immigration counters.

Lines at Taipei’s airport are getting increasingly out of control, reason being that only a quarter or less of all counter positions are actually staffed with immigration officers.

Registration for this program is very easy and I actually wrote an article about it when it was announced last November (see here).

During the last 3-4 visits the lines at Taipei Airport were pretty long and I was lucky to be able to circumvent them, except last time that is as my travel companion wasn’t registered for the program:

From 21 counters there were only six actually staffed with officers at Terminal 2 and it wasn;t much better a few weeks before during my recent arrival at Terminal 1.

Enrolled travelers use the ‘Speedy Immigration’ counter which is usually the same as the APEC counter and it’s also required to have the printed certificate available for inspection.


I really like to visit Taiwan but their immigration and airport facilities aren’t managed very well to say the least. It’s pretty chaotic and even this website has plenty of confusing information, in the very least the description isn’t very good at all. However the actual enrollment only takes minutes.

This program is a welcome alternative to the Trusted Traveler eGate program I wrote about because it is actually free compared to the NT$ 3000 fee for the electronic gates (available only to Taiwanese, TW Residents and US Citizens enrolled in Global Entry). The three visits within 12 months are mandatory though and you’ll get an error message if the dates don’t match on the application.