Hilton Honors Introduces “Verified Guest Reviews”


Hilton Honors has for years displayed TripAadvisor traveler ratings and reviews on its websites, but seems to have launched something new yesterday.

Hilton Honors Verified Guest Reviews

When you search for hotels on Hilton’s website, you are now presented something called “VERIFIED GUEST REVIEWS” along with “TRIPADVISOR TRAVELER RATING”.

You can access Hilton’s website here.

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It is unclear for me how these “Verified Guest Reviews” are collected and how Hilton has come up with the numbers.

I don’t believe that I could leave a numerical review of my Hilton affiliated hotel stay after I have checked out like I can with number of other chains. I have requested clarification from Hilton regarding this.


It is interesting how Hilton own reviews are sometimes higher or lower than TripAdvisor reviews that doesn’t surprise me at all. It mainly reflects how well or badly individual properties deal with elite member benefits.

I am always somewhat critical of reviews or ratings that hotels have collected and published by themselves because can you really trust them? Often critical reviews/comments are suppressed bY chains.

In Hilton’s case they only publish a rating but there are no comments or insights at all that would shed more light what is good or bad with the property in question. They still, however, post reviews left by TripAdvisor members.