Leading Hotels Of The World: Leaders Club Revamp About To Be Completed In August

The Leaders Club, loyalty program of Leading Hotels of the World is undergoing a revamp which is about to be completed in the next 5 weeks or so.

Leaders Club is a two tier membership that comes with an annual fee and includes benefits such as upgrades, complimentary breakfast and (in the premium version) airport transfers.

The program has been around for a long time and while it’s pretty unconventional to actually pay to participate in a loyalty program it can actually make sense if the benefits are right, especially if one payment takes care of all and no minimum stays are required.

Aside the benefits those who enrolled for the annual membership can also earn free nights for every 4-5 stays. There will be a change to this system which isn’t specified yet and the FAQ’s are just hinting slightly at a modification of the program in that regard.


It appears there is very little information at the moment how the program will be structured after August so maybe it would be wise to refrain from enrolling in the LHW memberships at this point to make sure the investment isn’t being made in vain as US$1200 isn’t exactly pocket change.

We will monitor the changes and once publish I’ll write an update to this so everyone can re-evaluate if the paid membership makes sense or not.