SPG Best Rate Guarantee Update: Response Times Can be Fast


There has been lot of noise surrounding the Marriott’s Look No Further and SPG Best Rate Guarantee programs as of late when the program T&Cs were practically merged at the end of May (read more here).

SPG Best Rate Guarantee Update

I have booked perhaps half of my SPG stays in the recent years using the Best Rate Guarantee program and racked up plenty of Starpoints in the process. Seems that SPG may have now implemented Marriott’s way to process these claims.

You can access SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee page here.

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I filed a claim at 10:14AM on Thursday last week for a stay the following day at the Palazzina Design Hotel in Venice.

SPG BRG Update

Received two emails from SPG that my claim had been received and one looked like it had come from Marriott (the one with the A u t o on the title).

A u t o Thank you for your email

SPG BRG Update Auto

This came from an email address that Starwood has not used previously.

SPG BRG Update Regular

This another email came from the usual email that SPG has used for these BRGs for years.

SPG BRG Update Email

At 4:16PM I received an updated reservation confirmation showing that the claim had been processed. This was four hours and two minutes after I had filed it.

SPG BRG Update Confirmation

T 4:44PM the email confirmation came too from the starwood-service.com email address. Also, the message tracking syntax on the title is not something that SPG normally uses.


Could be that they have different team processing claims that are for the following day arrival to ensure that they are done in a timely manner.

The claim above was processed within four hours that is quite good. Marriott, however, used to do them even faster (have not done in the past few months with them).

This Starck designed Palazzina G Design Hotel was fantastic albeit bit pricey. Platinum upgrade was good and cannot wait to be back (cannot say this about all/most hotels).