Just Purchased 10 Iberia Tickets – Anyone Else?


Iberia Plus launched a great promo on Thursday (Freddo wrote about it at the time – read more here) to get members to book trips on the airline promising 9,000 bonus Avios per ticket within 10 days of purchase for up to 10 tickets. The only small print was that these bonus Avios would expire in early December if not used by that time.

Iberia Promo

These Avios are for members to keep even if they don’t take the flights (no show) as long as they don’t cancel them. This does sound too good to be true but Iberia spokesperson sent an email to us yesterday confirming that the promotion is exactly like this (read more here).

You can access Iberia’s page for this offer here.

Just made 10 ticket purchases:

Iberia Confirmations

Seems that the $20 fares are gone and the lowest one right now is $28 between SDR-MAD.


This is a great promotion for someone traveling around Spain this Summer (and even for those who are not).

Just remember to read the piece that Freddo wrote (access here) and what the Iberia spokesperson confirmed (access here).

These ten tickets would yield 1,250 base Avios (125 per ticket) + the 90,000 from this promotion.  I am still baffled about this offer that is one of the better ones for a while.