Any Value Left At Airport Tax Free?


Last week, I came across Dom Perignon 2009 vintage champagne twice in Italy and snapped a photo on both times.

Is Tax Free A Good Deal

Can you guess which one of the photos above is from the Milan’s Malpensa airport and which one was taken at random grocery store close to Sheraton hotel in Lake Como?

You would think that the price at the airport would be lower, right? Wrong! The price at the grocery store was 104 euros compared to 190 euros or 83% higher at the airport!

EDIT: Reader noted that the item sold at the Malpensa was totally different. You probably should check that the product and price tags match in Italy! Seems that the product in Italy had two tags but the 190 euro tag should be for the Dom Perignon (after zooming couple of times).

Here’s the price from Athens today:


The price in the non-Schengen area (real duty/tax free) is 156.50 euros compared to 104 euros at the grocery store in Italy. So 50% higher compared to a grocery store!


Seems that the Malpensa duty free operator must have doubled their purchase price considering that the grocery store doesn’t sell this at a loss either when their price is 104 euros including all the taxes.

I am often shaking my head when looking at the prices offered at the “tax/duty free” stores around the world and thinking what rip off they often are. It is convenient to kill time and shop but the prices are rarely any good.