Thai Airways Now Sells Lounge Passes For Their Bangkok Based Business Class Lounges


A reader recently sent us a question about lounge access in Bangkok and after a bit of digging online I discovered that Thai Airways now actually sells access to their Business Lounges through regional sales offices.

I was quite surprised to find this available from the Australia office as Thai’s lounges are already pretty full and airlines rarely offer outright purchase to lounges without any membership affiliation.

Thai Airways in Australia is well known for putting much of their promotional material online including the official price list for standby upgrades and now also this lounge access option.

You can access their website with this offer here.

A 2 1/2 hours stay at THAI’s Business Class Lounges on BKK Airport Concourse C & E (Lounge service can be booked twice for an extended stay up to five hours) at $A65 (US$48) per person.

For THAI’s Royal Orchid Lounges : Passes are not applicable for passengers under 17 years travelling alone requiring assistance or for unaccompanied minors.  Children under 6 years travelling with parents can access the THAI Royal Orchid Lounge without charge, adult rates apply for older children. …

Lounge Passes are available only to travellers ticketed to travel on THAI flights. Please allow at least 48 hours or 2 business days prior to your flight departure date from Australia for booking and payment processing.  To book, call THAI Reservations on 1300 651 960 or ask your travel agent for advice.

Thai also sells access to the Miracle Lounges which are the same facilities that are accessible through Priority Pass and a range of other memberships (credit cards etc) at a lower nominal fee.

I urge caution about this offer in one regard, namely that this appears to be limited to the small Thai Airways Lounges in Concourse C & E – NOT the large Royal Silk Lounge in Concourse D right behind immigration. At least the lounge in Concourse C has showers though.

Here is pdf file for this offer that can be found on the website referenced above:

Download (PDF, 658KB)

This is an offer from Thai Airways Australia and so far I was unable to figure out if it is available for any other point of origin. If you’re interested you might want to contact your local Thai Airways sales office.

Whenever I travel on Star Alliance flights ex BKK the Thai Lounges are always my last choice. I tend to seek out either the Singapore Airlines or EVA Air Lounge as those are highly superior. If your flight leaves from the A/B/C gates that doesn’t make much sense though as I won’t run through the huge Bangkok Airport just for a better lounge.


I think the price of ~ US$48 is fair for lounge access if you can take a shower. I somehow doubt that anyone will police the actual duration of the passenger inside the lounge (I could be wrong but I’ve never seen such a policy enforced). Children 6 and under are allowed to come along free of charge.

The rate for the Miracle Lounge is fair but can be had at roughly the same rate through Priority Pass or Lounge Buddy. If you have the unlimited version the access to these lounges is entirely for free. There is also the Oman Air Lounge accessible through Priority Pass.

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