Iberia Plus 90,000 Bonus Avios Promo Drama In The Making?


Iberia Plus had a great promo that started on Thursday (read more here) where members could earn 9,000 bonus Avios for each purchased ticket for up to 10 and you would get the bonus miles even if you later decided not to take the flights (read more here) as long as you don’t cancel/refund them.

Iberia Plus Promo Drama

Now, a LoyaltyLobby reader left a comment on one of the pieces and attached the Twitter message above where Iberia customer service person indicates that the bonus Avios are only added to the member’s accounts once the flight(s) is/are flown.

You can access Iberia’s web page for this offer here.

Note that this offer closed yesterday but the promo page is still up.

I forwarded the Twitter message above to the Iberia spokesperson with a note that it appears that they are sending incorrect replies and here’s the email that I got back:

You are right, the answer provided on Twitter is not right.

The Avios will be added on our customer’s Iberia Plus accounts within 10 days of the ticket having been bought.

Here are the pieces that we wrote about this offer:


So, all is good and people should have just some patience.

It is unfortunate but customer service personnel manning these Twitter, email or phone contact centers don’t always have most up to date or correct information.

You usually get the Avios once you have taken the flights. These bonus Avios, however, are tied to the purchase and are posted (per the spokesperson and the T&Cs) within 10 days of the purchase. They should post sometime late this week/early next week.