Anyone Else Fed Up With Marriott’s Inability To Fix Their Website?


Marriott has been trying to revamp their website since October last year when I first started noticing frequent issues and even blank landing pages (read more here).

Marriott Website Issues

Then in early November, Marriott made the old legacy website (read the working one) available via special link that I promptly bookmarked (read more here) and happily used for months. Then in early January, the legacy site was gone for good (read more here).

You can access Marriott Rewards here (if their website happens to be working).

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It is now late June and the website is mostly broken (see the photo above). The website only works if I open it on in an incognito window.

Marriott Sign In

Sebastian dropped me a screenshot where he was welcomed to the website under entire different name (TROY). Wonder what kind of security measures they might have in place?


You would think that eight months would have been enough to launch a working website? Did they hire the same team from one of the consulting companies (Accenture?) that must have been working on the Hyatt.bomb previously.

Website doesn’t work and, if you try to get through on the phone, you may have to wait couple of hours (read more here). You would think that the management realizes that they lose business because of this?

I truly hope that they can get this mess fixed at some point before SPG members are integrated into this website and “customer service” platform in early August.