Uber Gets 15 Month License To Operate In London

Uber run into troubles in London last year when the TFL decided not to renew its license that expired on September 30, 2017. Uber appealed and judge today overturned the decision.


Uber was given 15 month license to operate in the city. TFL and Uber then can use this time to iron out their differences and hopefully reach an amicable agreement how the ridesharing platform can continue to operate in the city.

Here’s an excerpt from CNBC (access their piece here):

London is one of Uber’s most crucial markets. More than 3.6 million people in London regularly use the Uber app, and around 45,000 drivers use the service.

Through the hearing, Uber was accepting of its past mistakes. The ride-hailing app’s lawyer said that TFL’s 2017 ruling pushed the company to make changes.

The judge ruled Tuesday that Uber must provide training for drivers, complicating the company’s stance that drivers are contract workers and not employees. Uber will have to 48 hours to report and deal with safety complaints about its drivers, and it will have to notify authorities whether a driver is being kicked off the platform.


I guess that it would have been borderline impossible to kick Uber out from London considering how many riders and drivers use the service.

The current leadership of Uber is more willing to work with the regulators now that they have established their service in these markets.

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