Easiest Way To Extend IHG Rewards Club Points Validity By 12 Months?


IHG Rewards Club used to advertise that their points never expire until they changed this. Now, you need to have activity every 12 months to keep your points alive.

IHG Rewards Club Points Expiry

Easiest way to extend your points is obviously to stay at any IHG affiliated property and earn points in the process or redeem for an award night. Sometimes, however, you may find that your points are expiring today and you need to do something now to preserve them.

You can access IHG’s page for maintaining your points here.

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Here’s what IHG’s T&Cs say about points expiry (access here):

Point Expiration. CLUB LEVEL MEMBERSHIP POINTS (SEE MEMBER BENEFITS, INCLUDING LEVELS OF MEMBERSHIP, HERE) WILL EXPIRE IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT BECOMES INACTIVE FOR ANY PERIOD OF TWELVE (12) MONTHS OR LONGER, WHICH MEANS YOUR POINTS WILL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT AND WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE FOR REDEMPTION. To maintain the Points in your membership account, you must have at least one “earn” or “redeem” transaction posted to your account every twelve (12) months. Use of the one night per year provided to IHG Rewards Club credit card holders does not constitute an “earn” or “redeem” activity to prevent Point expiration. If you redeem Points for a Stay and subsequently cancel that Stay, the redemption activity does not prevent Point expiration. Points do not expire for current Elite Members, although Points may expire twelve (12) months after an Elite Member’s account moves to Club level if there is no “earn” or “redeem” activity during those twelve (12) months.

Previously, you could just redeem for an award night and cancel that 10 months down the road. Both would be qualifying transactions. IHG changed the terms and conditions earlier this year where it explicitly states that this type of transactions would not extend the points validity.

So, if you make an award transactions that you later cancel, you points are subject to original points expiry and thus may expire immediately.

You can access your account management page for award options here:

IHG Rewards Club Extending Points Validity Shopping U

Digital Rewards are usually the cheapest way to extend your points expiry and they are available in most markets.

Digital Magazines

IHG Rewards Club Points Expiry Digital Rewards Magazines

You can scroll through the options. There should be something for 200 or 250 points.

IHG Rewards Club Points Expiry Digital Rewards Magazines Successful

You just need to accept the redemptions. No need to actually download the magazine.

Account Activity

IHG Rewards Club Points Expiry Digital Rewards Magazines Activity U

It will show the magazine redemptions

New Expiry:

IHG Rewards Club Points Expiry New

The points have been extended for another 12 months.


There are many ways to have account activity over a year like actually staying at IHG hotels, having their affiliated credit card or buying points.

If you are, however, in a situation where you need to extend the points now, these Digital Rewards are the easiest and the most cost effective, as no money is needed, just small amount of points are deducted.