Whine Wednesday: New Marriott Policy – SPG Platinum Concierge Not Allowed To Call Hotels Outside Of The US


You learn something new and surprising every day such as this new Marriott policy that prohibits SPG Platinum Concierge team members contacting hotels outside of the US by phone.

Marriott Rewards Phone

SPG Platinum Concierge is not concierge in true form but should be able to help Platinum members in all hotel related issues such as arranging airport pick ups, restaurant reservations and troubleshoot any stay related issues.

You can access SPG’s page for Platinum benefits here.

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Here’s what SPG lurker posted on FT (access here):

This is a relatively new policy, but there is nothing to prevent a Platinum Concierge associate from sending the hotel a property communication form. Once received, the property is required to take action within 72 hours, even contacting you directly if required.

And later continued (access here):

Property communication forms can be requested for a 48-hour turnaround, if necessary.

But, there is some flexibility consideration on the no-call policy. It is on a case-by-case basis and does require supervisor-level approval.


Seems that Marriott is afraid of high phone bills. Their Marriott Rewards number in the United States that currently can take anywhere from half an hour to few hours to get through is a non-toll free too. Perhaps they should negotiate a better deal with a telecommunications company?

Of course anyone can contact hotel directly as but for one off properties it is easier to just contact SPG and have them arrange something such as airport pick up. How this 72-hour or 48-hour turnaround is going to work for same day arrivals or if someone is even going to open the email that someone from Starwood sends?

Considering how bad service I have received from my Ambassador, I am sure that they are forbidden to use their phones too.