New Marriott Rewards Travel Packages Announced


Marriott Rewards has now announced the new Travel Packages that will be in effect come August 2018 when all the three programs are merged. If you are planning to redeem for a Travel Package (and you should do it NOW), you can read my most recent piece here about these awards.

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages 2018

There will be one Travel Package chart that will encompass all airlines instead of number of charts as of now.

You can access Marriott’s page for Travel Packages here.

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New Chart:

Download (PDF, 172KB)

Participating Airlines:

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages Airlines

Available Packages:

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages New

Old Charts:

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages More

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages

Essentially you are paying 180,000 Marriott Rewards points for 100,000 airlines miles compared to 120,000 points to 120,000 miles with number of airlines as of now (or 132,000 miles with United).


It is quite clear that Marriott Rewards wants to make these Travel Packages far less attractive redemption option than they are currently and they have achieved just that. Difficult to see any reasons to redeem these new packages.

Considering that you get fifth night free with regular awards, how often do you really want to stay at certain hotel for seven nights combined with sometimes difficulty of finding continuous award availability for a week, personally cannot see redeeming for Travel Packages at all in the future.

I need to decide what I will do with my 800K SPG Starpoints. Should I issue nine Travel Packages each with 120,000 airline miles or just burn these points next year? Decision time.