Fabulous Fridays: Sleeping Pods Charged By Hourly Rate For Short Time Naps


Our Fabulous Friday topic this week is about an interesting concept I came across in Las Vegas where they had sleeping pods available at an hourly rate.

I found these ‘Napin Pod’s’ at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas and was very interested to see more though unfortunately there was no associate around to introduce the system.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen such an installation but I haven’t encountered them at a shopping mall before. However since it was morning with not many people around so I was able to take some pictures.

NapinPod as the provider is called also has a website (access here).

The interior is described like this:

Sit or Lay Down in our Luxuriously Spacious, Ergonomic Lounger

  • HD Touch Screen Monitor
  • Climate Control
  • Black Out Shades
  • LED Reading Light
  • USB & AC Power Outlets
  • Headphone Audio Port
  • Fold Down Work Table

In fact I was able to have a glimpse from the outside to see how it looks:

I would have loved to go inside and close the door to see how soundproof this cabin is but it wasn’t meant to be as there was no staff around. Not sure how this concept is supposed to make any money without any sales staff around. On top of that they had two cabins that sell for $8 per half hour so not sure how on site staff can be paid from these takings even if there was a paying customer.

On top of it I think that’s a pretty rich price for 30 minutes of silence especially in a city (Las Vegas) where you can get hotels close to the strip for $20+ a day. And do you really need a nap at a shopping center? An airport yes, I could get the point and I’m sure there are people who would pay $30 for 2 hours of sleep if they’re really exhausted. Then again leasing space at airports is rather expensive so not sure if that business model would work given the pricing displayed here.


Aside the matter how useful and economical this system is I found it definitely interesting based on the design of it. I wonder if the plan is to ultimately operate these pods without any on site staff but then I wonder who would clean out the cabins in between customers.

Have you used such a sleeping pod before or would you consider it?