Iberia Plus Limiting/Canceling New Accounts That Purchased Promo Tickets?


A several LoyaltyLobby readers have messaged me today that they have suddenly trouble logging to their Iberia Plus accounts that were opened during the recent promo craze. Existing account holders such as me and Freddo have no issues with theirs.

Iberia Plus Issue

Iberia Plus launched a promo the other Thursday where they promised 9,000 bonus Avios for each ticket purchased (read more here) and you didn’t need to take the flights (read more here). You could buy maximum 10 tickets and earn 90,000 bonus Avios for $200 or so.

You can access Iberia’s page for this now expired offer here.

These bonus Avios are (were) supposed to be deposited to member accounts within 10 days of the purchase. Those members that purchased the tickets on the very first day are now already within the 10 days and no Avios insight.

So, what is going on with these new accounts that suddenly cannot be accessed?

Two options:

1. IT incompetence

When you sign up for Iberia Plus program, it can take up to 24 hours before you can even use your frequent flier number to make purchases.

Could be that they are just having some database issues with new members that signed up at the of June.

2. Trying to limit exposure

I am sure that there are members with duplicate accounts and some must have opened accounts for their cats and dogs too.

Perhaps, Iberia Plus is doing some quality control to limit the exposure due to this promotion to make sure that the new members are legit.

Here are our previous pieces about this Iberia offer:


It would have been a surprise had this promotion been executed without any glitches. Let’s hope that the bonus Avios will hit the accounts of the members that purchased tickets under this offer.

I have no issue if Iberia Plus does comb through the new accounts that were opened during this promo to make sure that they are legit, real people and not duplicate.

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