Statement From Iberia Plus Regarding Blocked Accounts & Possible Workaround For Some


Many Iberia Plus members have found themselves unable to log into their accounts over the past few days especially if these were opened during the recent promo fever that I wrote about yesterday (read more here).


I thought that there were basically two options; there are issues with Iberia’s IT dealing with all these new members (wouldn’t surprise me) or Iberia has decided to comb through new members who purchased during the promo period to make sure that they are all real.

You can access Iberia’s page for this now expired offer here.

Here’s the statement that I received from Iberia:

There is a number of accounts that have been blocked for review since we have detected possible errors or duplications. Shortly we will inform each of these customers of next steps.

For the rest of the Iberia Plus members that took part in the promotion we will start adding the Avios in the coming hours/days.

The promo promised that the bonus Avios would be posted to member accounts within 10 days of purchase. Ten days is soon over for everyone.

PIN workaround

Iberia often has issues with its website and even I was not able to log into my account for couple of months earlier this year. Nothing worked.

Logging into Iberia’s account seems to work best if you use browser’s incognito mode. You can try using various browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Edge. If one doesn’t work, other one may.

You must always input you PIN manually. It doesn’t seem to work if the browser remembers it for you (at least it doesn’t work for me never).

You can also download Iberia’s app and request new PIN there. This solution appears to work for many members that have trouble generating a new PIN on the website.

Here are out previous pieces on this topic:


Not sure if Iberia/Iberia Plus wishes that they would have never run this promo. Manually going through thousands of accounts has to be very time consuming process.

There was nothing on the promo T&Cs that would have excluded new members from this offer. Unfortunately, I can see some members being carried away and opening duplicate accounts to get more Avios.

Shouldn’t be too difficult for Iberia to weed out duplicates based on names, IP addresses used and if they were existing members or not.