Whine Wednesdays: Resort Guests Blocking Sun Chairs At The Beach / Pool While Not Actually Using Them


The Whine Wednesday topic this week is ‘annoying resort guests who block pool and beach chairs with towels’ and then disappear for hours on end.

Most often you see this kind of behavior at major holiday destinations and especially beach resorts and the worst offenders are German guests in my experience.

I went to Bali for a couple days this week and unfortunately this behavior has now found footing even in this remote part of the world and yes, once again I noticed that the offenders were fellow German countrymen who think it’s okay to block beach chairs in the early morning and then show up a couple hours later to actually use them.

While everyone who visits the European holiday destinations in Spain, Greece and Italy (among others) is used to this picture I haven’t really experienced it in Bali before but this was definitely an extreme case as these folks were gone for 4 hours.


This is extremely inconsiderate behavior and whenever I see a “reserved” chair with a towel I make it a point to take the item away and give it to the pool/beach attendant.

You might get into an argument with the individual later but it might be a good opportunity to teach them about hotel policies, many of which actually say that reserving sun bed in this fashion is not permitted. Either way there is no such right as the privilege to reserve a chair with a towel and there is very little someone can argue against it.