Malaysia Airlines Revives Their A380’s For Summer Service To London, Sydney and Tokyo – Watch Out For Bad Business Class Seats!


Malaysia Airlines surprised today when they announced that their A380’s will be back in the skies for the next two months to carry passengers to London, Sydney and Tokyo.

While MH is paddling the A380 service as the utmost comfort, passengers with Business Class bookings are likely the ones being punished by this measure as these planes only have the old angles lie flat seats in 2-2-2 configuration, not the new 1-2-1 full lie flat seat that you might have purchased when booking.

When I saw this today in their promotional email I was indeed surprised as Malaysia Airlines announced previously they they would get rid of their A380 in regular service and exclusively use them for charters and Hajj trips.

As MH cut back on routes to Europe over the recent years and took delivery of their new Airbus A350 Aircraft for the London route the giant A380 were mostly sitting sad and idle at KLIA. Malaysia Airlines might have capacity issues over the summer as far as other aircraft are concerned or simply wants to put these A380’s to some use for pilot training.

You can access Malaysia Airlines promotional website for this here.

Experience Malaysian Hospitality and a comfortable journey on board Malaysia Airlines’ A380. Our double-decker plane features First Class, Business Class and Economy Class cabins equipped with top notch amenities to meet all your travelling needs.

Book your flights by 6 Jul 2018 and travel from 1 – 27 Jul 2018.

Their big header for this A380 schedule is “Comfort” but all they show is the Economy Class cabin:

How comfortable is their Business Class on these routes that were supposed to be served by Airbus A330 with a 1-2-1 configuration? Here is the A380 evening departure to Tokyo:

To me their “Comfort Upgrade” seems a lot like a giant downgrade for Business Class Passengers. They also have a morning departure operated by the new A350 with the modern Business Class:

As you can see the difference is night and day especially if you’re traveling by yourself and even if not, the A380 doesn’t have a 180 degree lie flat seat.

These are the schedules when the A380 flies to each of the three destinations:

MH also sells First Class on these Routes. Especially interesting: You can also book these routes as First Class awards using miles of various programs which might be really worthwhile. The cash prices for First are insane by the way. Bangkok to Tokyo runs 95,000 THB and is only sold as First Flexible. Don’t even bother!


If you have reservations on the routes and flights mentioned here you should look into your seating arrangements which might have changed for the worse.

Yes in Economy Class I much prefer A380 flights over other aircraft models but the Premium Class options are worse. Of course the golden opportunity presents itself that these flights now have first class for upgrades and mileage bookings. But there will be plenty of unhappy people who suddenly find themselves on these bad Business Class seats and this is yet another case of deceptive advertisement on the part of Malaysia Airlines.