The Iberia Promotion Saga (Drama Really) Continues: Now Customers Are Being Notified About ‘Inconsistencies’ With NO MILES But Refunds Offered


The Iberia Promotion we covered so extensively over the past two weeks took yet another twist today as Iberia email customers about ‘inconsistencies with their bookings’ based on which they won’t be awarding the miles.

Iberia now tells some customers that they won’t get any miles based on unspecified irregularities and that they have to apply for refunds until July 31st 2018 or they won’t be getting any money back.

While some people actually got their miles (John and Freddo included – see previous articles below) Iberia threw many more in limbo and is playing games.

Here’s what happened so far with this offer:

Today a reader forwarded me the following email from Iberia:

The customer resides in Germany where the offer was advertised on the website and several other readers reported getting the miles already.

Based on what the reader said this is his only Iberia account (newly created) and he purchased 10 tickets on the Spanish Iberia website with a credit card that has a German billing address.They then contacted him with the request for ID verification and he sent ticket PDF as well as a passport scan. Now the email above.

I’d love to know what is inconsistent about this that warrants walking back on their advertising promise. Iberia is quiet about that. At least they provide refunds though that the customer now has to chase.


Let’s look at this objectively: The promotion was/is crazy and not sure if Iberia Marketing really completely lost the plot with this or what their actual intention was. Nevertheless it spiraled into chaos as was to be expected.

John said last time that the offer went surprisingly smooth given the participation rate. I would like to disagree with that because Iberia makes situations beyond difficult without providing valid data points. It is completely legitimate wanting to verify new accounts and make sure the individual actually exists (asking for ID/Passport copy). But now it gets muddy and they start spinning stories about ‘inconsistencies’ that aren’t even specified.

I’m 100% certain this story won’t be over for long. I expect problems with refunds, further lies and even for those that got the miles possible problems redeeming them, especially when it comes to partner availability and website functionality. Stay tuned!