Etihad “Enhances” Travel Experience – You Now Pay To Select Standard Seat!


Etihad Airways, that has been bleeding for years (read more here) and lost billions investing in Airberlin and Alitalia, is in search for incidental revenue and has decided that it is now the right time to start charging for “Standard Seats” in economy.

Etihad Airways Standard Seat Fee

For a “small fee”, travelers can choose their seats in advance. These are available for free of charge within 24 hours of departure. Etihad nowhere discloses what these fees for various seating charges are.

You can access Etihad’s page for seating options here.


Etihad needs to be very careful here or they will end up alienating passengers that do have a choice of airlines especially when their destination is not Abu Dhabi.

Not sure why Etihad emails members about “enhancing” their journey by introducing this fee when it is in fact a service downgrade.