Reader Question: RewardsPlus Marriott Gold Status (Based On UA Status) Mapping In New Program Come August 2018?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about how the Marriott Gold status acquired through RewardsPlus partnership with United will map in the new program introduced in August.


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You can access RewardsPlus website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

Currently United Airlines Premier Gold members are eligible to receive Marriott Gold status. Do you know whether this benefit will be maintained in the new combined hotel program?

Being a million miler with United Airlines, my spouse is able to share my UA Premier status, which means she gets both Star Alliance Gold and Marriott Gold. It is an outstanding benefit because she does not need to qualify for either and they just renew automatically every year.

SPG has partnership with Delta that ends on July 15th so the one with United in the form of RewardsPlus continues.

The only problem is that the current Gold becomes Platinum in the combined program but the RewardsPlus partnership status is not upped and thus no lounge access or complimentary breakfast in the future.

Status that RewardsPlus member has received by linking accounts (United/Marriott) before August is upgraded to Platinum through January 2019. If RewardsPlus account linkage is activated after August, the member will receive the new Gold that doesn’t come with the breakfast and lounge access benefits.

Here’s the response that I received from the Marriott spokesperson:

Existing MileagePlus-sourced RewardsPlus members prior to August will receive Platinum Elite status in the new loyalty program through January 2019.

Mileage Plus-sourced RewardsPlus members joining RewardsPlus after August will receive Gold Elite status in the new Loyalty Program through January 2019


It has been unclear what the Marriott status in the combined program would be for those that have earned it from linking accounts via RewardsPlus because there is an asterisk on the status mapping material.

Good to know that it will become Platinum in the combined program until January 2019 and unfortunately the new Gold (same name but less benefits) come February next year.

United MileagePlus Gold members that haven’t signed up for RewardsPlus should do it now and get their Marriott Gold status that will turn into Platinum in August through January 2019.