And The Next Round: More Denials & Lies From IBERIA Concerning The 90,000 Miles Offer


As recently reported, the Iberia Promotion we covered so extensively over the past two weeks has finally turned into a complete farce with Iberia now denying customers their miles and lying about the reasons for it.

In yet another version of Iberia emails they again claim discrepancies between the submitted ID document and the customer information on file (completely impossible).

The carrier still offers refunds for the tickets purchased under the promotion but of course the way how the company tries to get out of this is completely dishonest and unacceptable.

See their recent email that just arrived in my personal mailbox this morning:

The letter doesn’t even have an individual signature. It’s obvious that this is a mass email being sent to a wide range of customers with about zero justification to deny the mileage credit and obviously zero proof either.

Now I just participated in this promotion with a brand new account to see how it would turn out (John & Freddo already had established accounts and received their miles) and it was a good idea to do so just to have some ‘beef in the game’ and be in the communication loop.

When this whole thing started I already filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation (my account address is in California and all tickets were purchased with my U.S. issued Amex Card and CA billing address).

You can file your own DOT complaint here if you wish to do so. I suggest you definitely file one either with the DOT or your national regulator that handles aviation or commercial complaints.

I forwarded this email to the DOT representative who opened up my file following the complaint. At the same time I requested Iberia to show proof of their claims. I also put them on notice that the carrier might be liable for damages arising from their actions.

Here’s what happened so far with this offer:


As mentioned previously I’d love to know what is inconsistent about this that warrants walking back on their advertising promise. Of course the answer is clear: There is no discrepancy and the excuse Iberia comes up with here is nothing but a lie. It boils down to false advertisement and a simple bait & switch situation. Why can’t they just be honest and simply say ‘we made a mistake and won’t award the miles’ instead of coming up with these frivolous stories?

I really don’t care about some miles that expire a few months from now at this point, especially since I still have to fly quite a few revenue tickets to renew my status levels for 2018 but I’m definitely planning to keep this going for a while in order to see further reactions of Iberia and how the DOT complaint develops.