Reader Question: Does Hilton Honors Extend Diamond Status If Qualification Requirement Not Met?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email if Hilton Honors extends status for multiyear Diamond members that fail to qualify?

Hilton Honors Diamond Status Extension

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You can access Hilton’s page for Diamond status extension here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have a question which I reckon you’d be able to answer as you know these things!

I am currently a Hilton Honors Diamond member and have been for about 5 years. This year, due to a job change, I won’t hit my 60 nights to qualify.

I heard from a friend that Hilton usually extend the Diamond for another year, even if you haven’t qualified, in the hope that you’ll stay loyal…

I’ve emailed them to ask and they said my Diamond will expire March 2019 if I’ve not done the required nights/base points/stays.

Have you heard of them extending for a further year? Is it routine for everyone or do they decide on case by case?

I really want to be made lifetime Diamond but sadly 5 years doesn’t make it. But at least it would be nice to have the Diamond benefits for a bit longer as I have a lot of points to redeem and want the full benefits!

Any advice from your experience would be amazing.

As the Diamond desk replied to you, there are ways to qualify for status based on STAYS or BASE POINTS in addition to nights. Unless your nights are really down this year, either of those could qualify you regardless.

Hilton Honors launched one-time only status extension back in 2017. It allows members that have had Diamond status minimum of three years (no need to be consecutive) AND who have consumed minimum of 250 nights (combined paid and award) extend their status once.

Hilton Honors has already updated their status extension page for 2019 membership year (read more here). You cannot, however, request the extension at this point.

Hilton Honors also offers credit cards that either come with Diamond status or give it after reaching certain spend requirement.


Hilton’s Diamond extension can come handy for those members that don’t qualify in one year due to change in job, maternity leave or any other reason.

Reader should check how many total nights he has with Hilton Honors. There is no lifetime count on Hilton’s website. You need to contact customer service (and someone then probably does manual count).

I don’t know if Hilton Honors still does these status extension unprompted too. Many programs do especially for longtime members.