Egypt Air Offers 25% Off All Fares To Hong Kong When Traveling On September 17th 2018

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EgyptAir is currently promoting a 25% rebate on all flights to Hong Kong provided passengers fly on September 17th 2018.

The offer is very scarcely advertised, in fact I wasn’t able to find any reference to it other than their Twitter post but the discount seems to be working fine.

You can find the tweet from the main Egyptair account here.

There is no further information about this on either country page of Egyptair. I did however check if the routes to HKG are indeed displayed with a discount for September 17th and they really seem to be much cheaper than the same connection in a two week search.

Here an example for Amsterdam-Hong Kong in Business Class:

The price itself is lackluster but definitely includes a discount so if you plan on going to Hong Kong and don’t mind flying Egyptair this might be an opportunity for some savings.


Really not sure what’s the point of such a hidden and confusing promotion. Also September 17th as the only date when this is available? It’s not a special date in the Hong Kong calendar at all.

Egyptair has some decent prices from various gateways so you might want to try around a little and see if you can get a better price to be worked out. At least these tickets are often good to earn plenty of status miles for a low price. Remember that Egyptair doesn’t serve any alcohol, even though you’re permitted to bring your own.