Surprise SPG Platinum For Some Amex Platinum Members

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Some SPG Gold members have received a surprise email from the program today welcoming them to Platinum status through March 2019.


Seems that some American Express Platinum members that used the complimentary SPG Gold status benefit have had their status upgraded to Platinum even without any stays! If member has linked the SPG/Marriott accounts, both accounts should have become Platinum by now.

You can access Marriott/SPG page for combined program here.

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UPDATE: Seems that this update may have something to do with status match/fast track that was requested on May 17th but never signed up for or fulfilled (no stays).

Here’s the body of the email:

SPG PLT Email Text Body


There is nothing the email itself identifying why the upgrade had happened. A reader who forwarded the email had used the Amex Platinum to get the SPG Gold status but had not had a single stay with Starwood this year.

Not sure if this is some sort of integration glitch at the SPG’s end or if they try to drive more business from Amex Platinum members? UPDATE: This is likely some sort of glitch and tied to the status match/fast track request that was never fulfilled.