LAST CALL: United Airlines Gold Elites & Higher Get Your Marriott Rewards Status Now!


Marriott Rewards and United Airlines launched RewardsPlus partnership few years ago where Marriott Platinum members would get United Silver and United Premier Gold members or higher would get Marriott Gold.

Marriott Rewards United Airlines RewardsPlus

The partnership between Marriott and United has been extended yearly. The Marriott status to which United Gold status or higher maps with Marriott changes in August and thus United members should link their accounts NOW.

You can access RewardsPlus website here.

The current Marriott Gold status with room upgrades, lounges access and breakfasts will be called Platinum in early August. The new Marriott Gold status to which United Gold and higher status will match in August won’t include any of these.

If United members link their accounts through RewardsPlus before early August and successfully get Marriott Gold, the status will become Platinum when Marriott, SPG and Ritz-Carlton programs are merged. The Platinum status will be valid through early 2019 (read more here).


The Marriott Rewards Gold status was very good benefit for United Gold and higher members because it came with club lounge, complimentary breakfasts and room upgrades. This status level is effectively called Platinum come August and will include select standard suites too.

The Gold status to which RewardsPlus will map come August (members that have matched their status earlier will be Platinum members through early 2019) is inferior, however.

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