Still Unresolved Issues With Iberia’s 90,000 Avios Promo?


Iberia Plus launched almost month ago promotion for 9,000 bonus Avios for each ticket purchased for up to ten tickets and there were no requirement actually to take the flights to earn it.

LAST CALL Iberia Promo

Buying frenzy began and Iberia Plus was likely overwhelmed with the response from existing and new members. Old members (mostly) had the bonus Avios deposited to their accounts on schedule but most if not all new members received emails first to verify this and that.

You can access Iberia’s page for this promotion here.

Iberia Plus yesterday deposited the bonus Avios to many members whose accounts they wanted to comb through.

I would like to hear from readers if there are still some who fulfilled the promo requirements (no duplicate accounts) but haven’t received theirs? We might be able to help.

Iberia email:

Iberia Plus Email

A friend of mine yesterday forwarded me one of these verification emails that he had just received. Seems that Iberia has quite backlog.

Here are previous articles that we have published about this offer:


This was very good promotion but could have been better planned. Seems that they should have excluded from new members to participate from the get-go IF they wanted to combat possible fraud that this offer must have driven from some members.

So, if you have fulfilled all the requirements of this offer and have supplied all the required documents to Iberia and no bonus Avios have been posted, you are welcomed to drop me an email that I can forward to our contact at Iberia.

My and Freddo’s Avios for the ticket purchases posted just fine but Sebastian is still having some issues with his.