Reader Question: Does SPG Starpoint Purchase Count Towards Lifetime Marriott Point Requirement?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding SPG Starpoints purchase sale (read more here) that ends tomorrow and if points purchases from SPG will count towards the Marriott’s lifetime points requirement.

Marriott SPG Lifetime Platinum Premier

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You can access SPG’s buy & gift Starpoints page here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

If I buy SPG or Marriott points do they count toward lifetime status? I am trying to reach the 2 Million Marriott points mark and I already have the required minimum nights for lifetime Platinum. I am about 150k short.

Marriott made changes to way members can qualify for lifetime Platinum this year and you should qualify THIS YEAR if possible because then it would map to Lifetime Platinum Premier (this lifetime status won’t be offered going forward).

The requirements of lifetime Marriott Platinum have been 750 nights and 2,000,000 earned points from all sources.

When the SPG and Marriott programs are merged next month and due to SPG not counting lifetime points in their program, both Marriott and SPG members can qualify for lifetime Platinum Premier if they have 750 consumed nights and 10 years as earned Platinum (can be in both programs & counted together). You can read more about this here.

Marriott Lifetime Count

Unfortunately, there is no way to find from your Marriott Rewards account the number number of qualified Platinum years. You can only find the number of lifetime nights and points (access here). You need to click “DETAILS” under the nights count to bring up the lightbox.

So, the reader can qualify under both of these scenarios. If he has not been Platinum member for 10 years, then he definitely should get the 2,000,000 points before the end of the year to qualify for Platinum Premier status for life (or life of the program) under the current rules.

Buying SPG Starpoints and merely moving them to Marriott Rewards won’t change the lifetime points count. There is another way, however.

Moving points from one Marriott Rewards account to another changes the lifetime count totals on both accounts. It deducts them from the account they are moved from and adds to the account they are moved to.

Your friend of family members can buy the Starpoints (you can buy and gift them to him/her). The person can then move them to their Marriott Rewards account and then further move to the reader’s Marriott Rewards account.

If they buy 30,000 SPG Starpoints that converts to 90,000 Marriott Rewards points, there would be need for only 60,000 additional Marriott Rewards points towards the lifetime status. The reader could buy, if he hasn’t already, 50,000 Marriott Rewards points this year that would also count towards the lifetime status leaving only 10,000 points uncounted for.


The lifetime SPG and Marriott Rewards status mapping has been bit of a mess. Marriott had to backpedal their original plan and extend the Platinum Premier status to SPG members too that were first excluded. This cases uproar among SPG members.

I still have no idea how they can count all the Marriott Rewards Platinum qualification years for the Platinum lifetime status purpose? Marriott members have had so many different ways to qualify from buying back the status to rollover nights and status fast tracks every other year among others.

I hope that reader can find a family member or friend who can purchase the SPG Starpoints, convert them to Marriott Rewards points and then gift them to him.