Malaysia Airlines Reduces Luggage Allowance On Domestic Flights For Tickets Issued On/After August 1, 2018

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Malaysia Airlines has sent out a memo to agents informing them changes to checked luggage allowance on entirely domestic itineraries.

Malaysia Airlines Domestic Baggage Allowance Change

Passengers have previously had 30 kilos allowance that is reduced to 20 kilos for tickets issued on/after August 1, 2018. The allowance for international itineraries will not change.

You can access Malaysia Airlines here.

Here’s the current allowance:

Malaysia Airlines Domestic Baggage Allowance


Malaysia Airlines is explicit here that they are giving passengers the higher international allowance even if they travel on separate tickets when the international to domestic transfer is less than 24 hours. This is very generous.

Cannot really fault Malaysia Airlines here. They face heavy competition from Kuala Lumpur based AirAsia whose fares don’t include checked luggage at all.