RANT: Has Marriott Given Up On Customer Service & Website?


Now that Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) program merger is looming early next month, you would think that Marriott would have ensured that their customer service and websites are ready? Ritz-Carlton Rewards has never been its own program but rather just a flag in your Marriott Rewards account.

Marriott Rewards CS U

Not sure what Marriott Rewards Customer Service personnel are doing but surely they are not replying to requests from Platinum members. As is often the case with stays at international properties, my stay didn’t post. Opened a case on Marriott’s website and not a peep (11 days have passed).

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

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And what’s up with the website too? I have been ranting about its non-functionality since they have tried to upgrade it from late 2017 onwards and it is still broken.

Friend of mine posted the following comment on his FB yesterday:

Wow. Rude awakening at the crappiness of Marriott’s website. What is it with hotels and bad IT? BW and Radisson sites are clunky. IHG “security” is a ridiculous 4 digit PIN. Marriott’s site simply doesn’t work – sign in takes 10 attempts and a simple hotel search errors out

The only way I can make Marriott’s website to work is to use incognito window. Otherwise, nada.

Marriott Mess U


You would think that the CIO of Marriott would have some competence to oversee their contractors who are working putting out this garbage that is called Marriott.com?

In ten days or so all SPG members are dumped to this mess and forced to use inferior website or perhaps they simply move on and end up booking competitors that have both working customer service and a website.

Personally, I gave up on Marriott’s international properties for many years when usually half of the stays or more didn’t post automatically and the usual response from the customer service was to fax the folio. I have better things to do with my life than babysit hotel folios and follow up when hotels play games (and save franchise fees) when they don’t credit stays.

Considering the disarray with Marriott’s website and customer service at the moment, it is probably the best course of action to book away from Marriott/SPG properties for the rest of 2018 and let them to resolve the issues.

Starwood properties are also integrating to Marriott’s Marsha system later in the fall that is not as good as the current one used by the properties based on the several chats I have had with the managers. The hope is that they will upgrade the Marsha in few years time to match most of the functionality that Starwood has had for years.