Reader Email: Lost 120,000 SPG Starpoints Due To Too Long Stay!


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message on Facebook regarding a stay he had with Starwood to which he didn’t end up earning a single Starpoint even when the folio indicated 120,000!


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You can access SPG’s T&Cs here.

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Here’s the message from the reader:

Have you ever heard of the residency rule with SPG? Basically it’s the dumbest policy on the planet if you’re loyal to the company and you stay more than 45 days. No !

No matter what the reason, you lose all your points. Sadly this is a legal scam because deep in the website they state that they can take away your points at their discretion. They also place deep in the website and terms the 45 day rule. Now to me I personally feel that it is not worth filing a complaint over.

They cost me 100,000 points. My bill when I checked out said I had over 120,000 points listed however, when I checked online I saw that I did not receive credit for the entire stay (7 months )

We have similar case back in 2014 when a reader was downgraded from Platinum to Gold after staying 200 nights in a hotel:

SPG Platinum To Gold Downgrade

Reader Email: SPG Platinum To Gold Downgrade After 200+ Paid Nights In 2013

Here’s what the T&Cs say:

13.7 Stays in Excess of 90 days. An SPG Member will not receive any Starpoints on any Eligible Charges, any Partner Eligible Charges, any Eligible Nights or any Eligible Stays for any portion of a single Stay or single Partner Stay in excess of 90 days……

Members won’t earn qualifying nights or points for stays that are more than 90 nights at a time.

The best course of action would have been to check out for minimum of ONE night at 90 day mark and then check back in. It certainly would have been beneficial if someone at the SPG or property would have advised the member about this.


This limitation is probably to exclude those that are living at these hotels full time from earning points and elite qualifying nights (hotels don’t have to pay the loyalty program participation fee for the folio amount either).

The programs should more clearly communicate this limitation for the members that are about to hit the ceiling to warn them about it and perhaps get them to check out for a night.