Goway Travel Pass Scam In Australia!

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a Goway Travel Pass-case that appears to be major scam that has been perpetrated in Australia.

Business Class

Buyers were promised Economy or Business class travel pass for FIVE years for a set fee that included major travel components such as international and domestic flights with hotel accommodation for up to three months each year.

Here’s the email from the reader:

Have you heard of Goway Travel? And by any chance have you heard about the (at best) public relations (at worst) scam that is unfolding.

Someone from the Sydney Australia office has been selling First Class “vouchers” for $3000 and Business Class for $2000. We were told the vouchers were valid on most airlines and on most days of travel with 3 months notice. MY personal theory is that there was tickets issued to Goway for services or work completed.

Then things got a little crazy, they offered people passes. The passes were sold as:

Travel Pass

5 year Platinum Travel Pass (commences 1st January 17)

Economy Air Travel $6000pp

Business Air Travel $9000pp


6 Domestic Air Travel trips per month (Virgin/Qantas preferred *note for Business pass trips business subject to flight number and route so would be advised of which flight number applicable to your date have business option

Domestic accommodation up to 7 days in one location 60 days per year

3 International trips per year including 4 internal flights per each trip

35 days International accommodation included per year up to 7 days in one location

Hertz Car hire up to 60days in major cities (note driver must be 25years of age and over)

*note properties vary from 4star to 4.5star (Single supplement included)

1 x Tour per year (*request tour at time and will be advised of inclusions)

1 x Cruise per year (* request tour at time and will be advised of inclusions)

I know everything you are thinking. I agree.

Long story short, they now have hundreds or people (that we know of) trying to get their money back as very little was delivered. I received on return J class to the USA and 1 F class to Europe but they failed to deliver the return so I was stranded.

They have now sent the attached letter to people who have been asking for refunds.

Really not sure what to do next apart from join the growing army of lawyers that seem to be involved.

Here’s response that Goway Travel has sent:

Download (PDF, 93KB)

Here’s an update that Goway Travel send today to affected buyers:

Download (PDF, 211KB)


When something appears to be way too good to be true, it probably is-definitely applies here.

The prices that Goway Travel’s office in Australia has been charging for these Travel Passes for FIVE years cannot even cover the expenses for ONE. These passes make no sense at all at these prices.

IMHO it should have been clear for anyone that this cannot be anything else than a pyramid scheme. Get people to pay up front and buy some tickets for few to keep momentum going before defaulting on most.

It is unclear how the payments for these packages were done. These scammers usually require payments by cash, wire or check. Even credit card payments usually cannot be reversed months later.

Let’s hope that there is some money left that can be returned to buyers of these packages. Luckily, the reader got some value out of it.