Fabulous Fridays: Pool Flotation Toys For Rent By The Hotel To Use In The Private Swimming Pool

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It’s a Fabulous Friday again and our topic this week is Pool Floats that are available for rent at some hotels and can be used at public and private pools.

Usually people don’t carry large pool floats around when traveling, even though you could probably buy them locally, and some hotels now started providing them for a fee.

When I write about my Pool Villa Upgrade at the W Bali the other week they also had a price list in the room that offered different models of such flotation devices which differed in size.

The prices to rent these floats at W Bali were between $10-25 plus a deposit in case the item ends up being damaged or removed.


Pool floats have gotten quite popular and not only for children, even adults use them and the W is sort of a funky place to begin with so this sort of thing really fits into the picture.

The prices were very reasonable but one was only allowed to use the pool toys at the private pool and not the public swimming pool or the ocean.