Iberia Promotion Update: Missing Promotional Miles & Refusal To Activate Account Finally Resolved After U.S. DOT Complaint


As recently reported, the Iberia Promotion we covered so extensively over the past four weeks and that has turned into a drama for many customers continues as some issues have been resolved while others are still outstanding.

My own account has finally been unlocked and the miles credited following a complaint to the U.S. Department of Transportation while other readers still report their accounts to be blocked.

Iberia has been claiming ‘discrepancies’ between the submitted ID document and the customer information on file (completely impossible) and didn’t respond constructively to emails asking for details and the exact reason for their refusal.

I sensed very early on that Iberia might be a difficult adversary and decided to file a complaint with the DOT instantly. Within a few days the representative replied that she opened a case and would forward the matter to Iberia. Since then there was still an almost daily bouncing back and forth of email between myself and the airline.

Here is the reply Iberia has sent out now all of a sudden:

You can file your own DOT complaint here if you wish to do so. I suggest you definitely file one either with the DOT or your national regulator that handles aviation or commercial complaints.

As mentioned previously I’d love to know what was inconsistent about this that warrants walking back on their advertising promise. I sent them again a screenshot of the account data when i signed up and my corresponding passport. Then following this letter the account worked fine all of a sudden.

Of course the answer is clear: There is no discrepancy and the excuse Iberia comes up with here is nothing but a lie.

And today our reader Nick sent us the following message on Twitter that he still faces problems as well:

The carrier still offers refunds for the tickets purchased under the promotion but of course the way how the company tries to get out of this is completely dishonest and unacceptable.

Considering the timeline to request refunds is soon approaching (3 days from now – July 31st) I’d probably just email them and request to get my money back at this point. It will be very difficult to actually force Iberia to credit the miles via this promotion otherwise, even though my DOT complaint brought results within two weeks.

Here are previous articles that we have published about this offer:


This was very good promotion in principle  but could have been a lot better planned and handled. As John mentioned before they should have just excluded from new members to participate from the get-go IF they wanted to combat possible fraud that this offer must have driven additional sign up’s from some members who can’t get enough and don’t play by the rules.

I was planning to get a refund from them hadn’t they responded by tomorrow, now I have 81k to spend (I purchased 9 tickets) which I will likely do on the route from Frankfurt to Shanghai via Madrid or London. After that I put Iberia to rest, this promotion was way too much effort and trouble.