Taxis In Barcelona Striking For The Fifth Day

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Passengers trying to get to the airport in Barcelona in the next few days should budget extra time due to taxi strike that has entered its fifth day. The action on Saturday expanded to Madrid.

Barcelona Airport

Cab drivers are protesting licenses awarded to Cabify and Uber that they deem unfair and increasing competition. Cabs have temporarily blocked access to/from the airports.

Here’s an excerpt from the Local (access their piece here):

Taxi drivers in Madrid went on strike Saturday in solidarity with Barcelona cabbies protesting against “unfair competition” from Uber and Cabify.

The federation of Madrid taxis claimed all 15,000 drivers in the capital had joined the movement and that it would spread to other cities.

“All taxis have spontaneously and progressively stopped work, paralysing services in the capital, at the airport, around bus and railway stations”, federation secretary Santiago Simon Vicente told AFP.


I don’t think that taxis get any sympathy for their actions when they are blocking access to the airport and passengers end up missing their flights due to this.

The Uber and Cabify fares in Barcelona are not competitive now that they are using professional drivers based on my most recent visit to the city back in May.

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