St. Regis, W & Westin Hotels In Dubai Becoming Affiliated With Hilton

SPG’s integration to Marriott has given an opportunity to hotels to end their agreements with the chain and St. Regis, W and Westin hotels in Dubai owned by the Al Habtoor Group decided to do just that effective July 31, 2018 (read more here).


Now, seems that these three hotel will resurface under Hilton brands in due course based on an email that I received from a reader. St. Regis will become part of LXR Collection (resurrected brand), W will become V Curio Collection hotel and Westin is going to turn to a Hilton.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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I reached out to Hilton and they didn’t have anything to comment at this stage beyond that they have active pipeline of 23 hotels in the UAE and that they don’t have anything else to announce at this state and won’t comment on rumors.

These three hotels are part of Marriott/SPG until tomorrow and the earliest we could probably hear from Hilton officially is on August 1st.

I just found it bit ironic if W turns to V considering that Hilton and Starwood settled a lawsuit back in 2010 when Starwood claimed that Hilton executives had stolen development documents from the firm when leaving and were planning to launch a copycat brand.

Marriott/SPG also have Luxury Collection brand. This former Blackstone’s LXR Collection sounds confusingly similar.

Interesting to see how Hilton is able to fill up these three hotels when Marriott/SPG couldn’t (why the owner otherwise would have reflag them?).