Experience With Upgrading The World Of Hyatt Credit Card – Five Qualifying Nights Are Posting Very Fast!

Last week I wrote about the new landing page available to Chase Hyatt Credit Card customers where customer can upgrade their existing card product to the new one.

I decided to actually use this upgrade option myself as I want to save on the additional five Hyatt nights this year and against my expectations the nights posted to the account very quickly.

Even though the new card has much more attractive features and you even get a 2000 points bonus there are reasons why you should maybe hold back with upgrading your card right away if it’s an option for you to cancel and re-apply for the card and get the new signup bonus.

I decided against this for multiple reasons as it’s not guaranteed that Chase would approve the application again and even if they do the credit limit for the new card might be much lower.

In my previous article about the new World of Hyatt Visa Card I already outlined all the new features appear to be more profitable to cardholders compared to the current/previous card.

You can access the Chase landing page for the card upgrade here. For some reason it didn’t work for me so I had to call the customer service hotline, you might want to try either depending on what works best.

The lady who helped me with the upgrade mentioned that the upgrade would be active within 2-3 days and a new card would be sent out. I specifically asked again about my annual card member anniversary night and she said nothing would change meaning I will still receive my free night in January of 2019. Let’s hope Chase records these calls in case of any problems (I did – just in case).

The five qualifying nights also posted very fast following the upgrade:

Updated today (2 days later):

As far as the card anniversary goes I don’t expect it to go over smoothly as I already received a pro-rated fee refund for 2018:

I assume the new $95 fee for the full year will be posted this or next statement. This would speak for the annual date being reset to July (from January). Nothing I’m concerned with right now, I can still put in a complaint when things don’t match up.


The 2000 points upgrade bonus aren’t really worth much. The only reason why I did the upgrade this year is to get the extra 5 nights. 5 qualifying nights are worth more than half a free night in Cat 4 should the anniversary year reset as the cheapest Hyatt rates I could get are roughly $55 a night just in case I’d need to top up some nights.

I consider this card to be very valuable for multiple reasons outlines in my original article but mainly for the 5 qualifying nights plus 2 more for each $5k spend.

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