Whine Wednesday: Hotels Begging For Positive Feedback Case: InterContinental Sydney


Yesterday, I wrote about the Meriton in Australia (read more here) that was fine $3 million for “managing” their TripAdvisor reviews by suppressing negative feedback by guests.

Whine Wednesdays IC Sydney

I noted that many chain hotels are trying to manage their quality scores too. Maybe not by faking the guest email addresses (like Meriton had done) but trying to make sure that the guests only leave favorable scores like the InterContinental Sydney here is trying.

You can access InterContinental Sydney here.

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Whine Wednesdays IC Sydney Text

They try to signal here that the guest should mark that the property had EXCEEDED expectations rather than merely MET them.

If the stay has been less than excellent, the guest should not fill out the survey but rather contact the hotel.


This email may sound person but it is not. I didn’t event go to the lounge during my stay because I simply don’t like it. They don’t have convenient tables to type away with your laptop.

I have no problems when hotels send thank you emails after the stay but don’t like when the only purpose is to deceive quality scores.

Only struggling hotels are sending out emails such as this. They are trying to get their internal quality scores up (by basically faking them).

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