Reader Question: Qualifying For SPG Platinum Status By 25 Stays In 2018?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question via Facebook about qualifying for SPG Platinum status this year on stays?

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Here’s the question from the reader:

May I ask a question for SPG hotel booking. Can I know how to book SPG related hotels in September if I want to maintain SPG platinum status thru 25 stays this year? Should I book by SPG own app now or wait till 8/16 by a new App (combine Marriott and SPG)? Can I use points/cash and points right now to book them? After 8/16 will SPG app disappear?

SPG will cease to exist in all practical purposes on August 18, 2018. There will be new app and website that are basically the current Marriott ones ported over (website that is often non-functioning – read more here).

The reader can keep the Platinum status in the combined program by having 25 stays it the current SPG brands by the end of the year. It doesn’t matter when and how they were booked. They can be paid, award or cash & point stays.

The reader can book now or on/after August 18. He should consult with the combined award chart in case of reward or cash & point nights whether it make sense to book before or after the change (there are many changes).


Marriott and SPG made this program merger unnecessarily confusing. Why not merge them on January 1 and combine activity from both programs to determine the status? Combining two programs and having no name for five months?

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